WILDWASH products engage with our natural abundance of flora and botanicals and intelligently and honestly utilise their healing and enriching properties to work perfectly with your pet’s sensitive skin.

1) What are Parabens?

Parabens are chemicals used in the shampoo and cosmetic industry as preservatives. There are many health concerns associated with Parabens.

What we use instead:

Our preservation system contains a derivative of the tomato plant.

2) What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are used extensively in shampoos, body washes etc, as gelling agents, to make the product appear thicker and more concentrated. There are many health concerns associated with Phthalates.

What we use instead:

We use biodegradable, natural thickeners/emollients from renewable and sustainable sources, such as Glyceryl Oleate found in almonds, olive oil, peanut oil and pecan oil.

3) What are Phosphates?

These were developed just after World War II when chemically, man made products started to take the place of natural ones. Phosphates will not break down in wastewater processing systems. They will leak into water bodies, growing algae and decreasing the oxygen needed to promote healthy aquatic life, and pollute streams, lakes, rivers and ponds.

What we use instead:

The base for all our shampoos and conditioners is made from nutrient rich soybean oil, a natural, non-greasy conditioning agent and protector for hair and skin.

4) What are petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals are by-products of the petroleum industry. They come from crude oil. The use of Petrochemicals is causing great concern throughout the world.

What we use instead:

WILDWASH uses NO Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Fragrances whatsoever. We use only 100% natural Pure Essential Oils, which make up a total of 1.5% of our products.

5) What are Sulphates?

Sulphates are chemical suds-ing agents commonly added to shampoos and cleaning agents to increase foam and lather and give the illusion that the product is super cleaning. There are many health concerns associated with sulphates.

What we use instead:

To our combination of Soybean oil and Aloe Vera we add a mild and safe surfactant derived from coconut oil. It naturally boosts foam and improves viscosity, feel and texture.

6) What are PEGs?

PEGs are synthetic chemical thickeners, often added to products that do not contain sulphates to thicken them and again, give the illusion that the product is thicker. Again there are many health concerns associated with PEGs.

What we use instead:

To give our products a pleasing consistency, we use a natural derivative from the coconut palm which is completely safe and non-irritant.

In our Conditioner we use Esterquats that are naturally derived from a vegetable and renewable source. These are safe, mild and fully biodegradable. All of our products are completely free from Silicones.

None of our products contain Palm Oils.