Mr. Harry Dhanoa, father to an adorable 6 year old Spitz named ‘Sneaky’, was on the lookout for a skincare solutions for his pet, who was suffering from a severe skin infection which had gone from bad to worse after using different skin products recommended by various vets in the country.

With no relief in hand, he stumbled upon the range of all natural pet products by ‘WildWash’. Further research revealed that WildWash had no chemicals, were cruelty free and not tested on animals. Just using it for a couple of days, the products healed and transformed Sneaky's intense skin condition and the results were phenomenal.

Harry made it his mission to get these brilliant products and in 2016, he brought WildWash to India. Since then the products have been a roaring success with pets and owners alike. He loves to share his experience with all pet owners and is now focussing on leveraging the expertise from the WildWash team to the fullest with their condition-specific pet grooming solutions.