WILDWASH mission statement

We wanted to share the mission statement from our manufacturer with you. It will help you understand how WildWash is made and what makes our brand so wonderful. We are super proud to have our products made in this way and we will never compromise.

Mission Statement

Our guide for true sustainability is planet Earth’s eco-systems in all of their diversity. Respect for nature’s systems and how we can harmoniously create within them is at the core of everything we do, from formulation and choosing raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

We are committed to recognising and eliminating from our processes anything that causes harm to person, animal or planet. We actively demonstrate this commitment by choosing for our formulations – wherever possible – natural botanical materials that are free of pesticides and artificial or animal fertilisers. Our ingredients must meet the highest standards of quality and ethics and we make sure our suppliers also meet strict criteria for ethical trading, in terms of human resource, environmental sustainability and care. We have never tested our products on animals and reject all ingredients which come about through exploitation and cruelty. Steps to reduce our environmental impact are conscious and evolving – we have clear targets for using 100% renewable energy in all of our manufacturing processes and consistently pursue innovation in the areas of formulation, manufacture and packaging, to reduce waste, especially single-use plastic.

We strive to recognise and nurture a person’s whole well-being – ‘the eco-system of mind, body and spirit’ – through the continuous trialling and testing of our formulations on naturopaths, aromatherapists, homeopaths, hair and beauty experts, as well as our friends and families. The body is an incredible instrument, with a natural capacity to care for itself, to heal and renew. We believe that some toxic synthetic chemical additives in body-care products unnecessarily burden the body and interfere with that natural balance. As much as 60% of any substance applied to the skin is absorbed into the body; with this in mind, we investigate the chemicals commonly used in cosmetic products and what we discover only strengthens our commitment to developing healthy, safe and kind alternatives.

Our products are made with sensitivity, care and pride, which eliminates the option of large-production- line manufacture. Small batch preparation ensures optimum freshness – without the high ratios of toxic preservation systems employed by many other ‘natural’ brands on the market – and without compromising on quality or efficacy. Our formulas are constantly updated, based upon research, science and innovation, to maintain our purist heritage and integrity and we combine this technology with passion and inspiration to create uniquely beautiful products which are a joy to use.

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