• WILDWASH Healing Paw Balm

WILDWASH Healing Paw Balm


  • Our WildWash Healing Paw Balm with Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense and Kanuka is a super conditioning paw treatment that will relieve your dogs’ cracked, dry and rough paws and protect them from everyday wear and tear.
  • It is great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against; hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt.
  • This wonder product can also be used to moisturise nails, dry noses and treat calloused elbows and dry patches.
  • WildWash Healing Paw Balm contains 100% natural, human grade ingredients and is completely safe for your pet to lick.

Size: 60 ml

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  • WildWash Healing Paw Balm is blended with carefully chosen ingredients to enhance the health and comfort of your dogs’ paws.
  • It contains Sweet Almond Oil, which is extremely rich in Vitamin E, a perfect moisturizer which is easily absorbed into your pets’ pads, whilst also reducing irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • Frankincense is well known as a skin tonic, effective for healing sores, carbuncles, wounds, scars and skin inflammation. It also works as a pain reliever, easing the discomfort caused by cracked pads.
  • Kanuka was originally used by the Maori people of New Zealand to treat skin diseases; especially foot infections. It eases pain and relieves swelling whilst being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. This amazing oil will help fight infection, healing and protecting your pets’ paws and keeping them in tip top condition whatever the weather.
  • Massage into Paw Pads.
  • Allow to absorb, leaving a light coat of protection.
  • For best results use daily.
  • Can also be used on nails, noses and any dry or calloused skin.
  • This 100% Natural product is completely safe for your dog to lick.
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 3 reviews
by Bhavesh Karia on Healing Paw Balm

recd wildwash products this afternoon!
i immediately tried the paw balm on bella's nose! it was a hit - she dint mind it at all - thats saying a lot!
i got the ylang ylang magnolia fragrance - just off the bottle it was like "ummm maybe" but i cudnt resist spraying it a bit on her - ufffffff - the smell is next to divine decadence! and again bella took to it - she is relaxing with it!
Ok we finally had a bath with the wildwash shampoo for dark coats with mandarin, sweet orange and fennel.
i have never diluted a shampoo 1:32 - sounded a bit too much. but i decided to stick with the instructions and out came my weigh scales 🙂 did as directed.
when i applied the shampoo - the oh the smells and fragrances that burst out and hit you - its somewhere close to a miyake, tom ford and prada all rolled into one. i kid you not.
lathers well and you feel like massaging it making sure all the oils are getting absorbed. Bella never makes a fuss about her bathing time, but this time she was just letting go and giving in to the blast of her smelling senses i guess.
when we finished - the feel and shine of the coat was unbelievable. I some how felt she dried quicker than normal.
i cant explain the softness and smoothness - its like the feeling of pure silk and pashmina shawl.
she smells divine, she is shining like new silver ware!
its just fantastic!
highly recommended!

by Hazel Ralston – Dog Owner on Healing Paw Balm

My dog Kara is a Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. The breed have a thick double coat and my bitch has been prone to having red broken skin on either side of the vulva. Every time we went to the vets it was hibisrub diluted and steroid gel. I mentioned this to our local stockist Carefree Canines and Nadine recommended Wild Wash for Sensitive skin along with the Paw Balm. I had a think about it and I called Wild Wash to get their opinion and they were so helpful. After trying the Sensitive Shampoo which is diluted once a week followed by the Paw Balm I have never seen Kara's skin look better. No redness or broken skin. Amazing product and there is no harsh chemicals in the products. I highly recommend Wild Wash. Fantastic products. Thank you Wild Wash for all your help.

by Symone Pearce – Dog Owner on Healing Paw Balm

Anyone thinking of buying WildWash Shampoo – I can highly recommend it. I bought the Dark & Greasy shampoo, it smelt lovely and also made the dogs super shiny! I also bought the healing paw balm as my 14 year old girl suffers with dry skin and horrible paws, this stuff worked it’s magic and she is walking a lot more comfortably. Thank you.


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