• For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

WILDWASH Dog Shampoo For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemongrass, all highly fragrant and deodorising, neutralise toxins and bacteria to improve scent and leave your pet thoroughly clean and sweet smelling.

Size: 5 Litres

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This shampoo is super concentrated and can be diluted at a 32 to 1 ratio. This 5ltr bottle is equivalent to 165 Liters when diluted. A 5ltr bottle will give at least 165 washes for a big dog and more than 330 washes for a small dog. Our WildWash mixing bottle gives all our dilution rates and makes your shampoo last a long time!
Natural Skin and Coat Care For Pets

WildWash is a new concept in animal care and gives you a natural pH balanced pet shampoo with super conditioning and anti-irritating Soybean Phospholipids and Neem; a natural flea deterrent, with its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. Nutrient rich Sea Kelp nourishes and promotes hair growth whilst Aloe Vera soothes and calms.

Prior to shampooing, brush hair to loosen dirt and detangle coat using WildWash Detangle as necessary. Completely wet coat with warm water. Apply WildWash shampoo and massage gently through the coat, avoiding the eye area. For optimum results, leave on for a few minutes to allow the botanicals and essential oils to do their work. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. Follow with WildWash Conditioner.
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by Amruta Patwardhan on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

Thank you Wildwash for making such amazing products! Very easy to use and most importantly save up on the drying time as well! As a professional groomer I would recommend every pet owner to use these products since they are 100% natural! - Groomingdale Pet Salon, Pune.

by Priyamvada Shukla on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

Saturdays are meant for long, relaxing showers. I used this brilliant shampoo by WILDWASH. 100% natural, super fragrant, decent lather and a great ticks and fleas repellent. Me all squeaky clean now.

Thank You WildWash for making my coat clean and shining without ton of studs and strong fragrances .. My hoomans love it (Yes we do love clean Marcopolo smelling rosemary and citronella)

by Leena Ukil, The FamiLee Dog (Mumbai) on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

After bathing with WILDWASH Shampoo and conditioner. Ruby and Alaska smell divine and their coat is so soft to touch. Thank you WILDWASH for such a fantastic natural product with no artificial additives. I think we are going to really like the long term effect to it 🙂

by Stu Berry, Dial A Dog Wash Solihull on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

The shampoo is BRILLIANT ! Plus it's making my hands not dry up ! All the customers today have said that they all look so clean and shiny. I'll be using you all the time now

by Jackie Ridealgh, Posh Paws, Grantham on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

Just thought I'd let you know about my experience with WildWash.

After grooming for 8 years I have developed an allergic reaction to shampoo.
My hands and forearms came up in a very red itchy rash that was driving me mad. I ended up at the doctor with this problem and resorted to wearing rubber gloves to bath the dogs.
I read lots about WildWash and decided to try some. I went to Crufts and had a chat to them about my problems. I bought a starter pack to try different types.

I started to use my shampoo and my hands didn't itch my arms have cleared up and gone. Wow thank goodness but I had shampoo from other company's all saying they were natural etc. so I decided now my rash as gone to use the others up !!! Not a good move my rashes came back.

I have now ordered my first proper batch of WildWash and can't wait for the delivery.
This shampoo does exactly what it claims it does.
I won't be using anything else from now on. One converted customer.
Thank you to all that's helped. Brilliant friendly customer service.

by Michelle Anthony, Dial a Dog Wash Aberdeen on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

I started using the shampoo last week I can't believe how amazing it is. It gets the dogs so clean and the coat lays perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to the AGM and let us know about your fantastic product I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner I will never go back

by Alice Guest – Professional Groomer on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

There is a ladies dog I have been doing since December. The dog’s fur was just getting worse and worse, no matter what we put on it. I tried the WildWash shampoo shortly after Crewe Hall. Just been to see the dog again and the transformation is incredible. The owner is thrilled with it I am really happy with the shampoo. Thank you.

by Linda Reader of Presentable Pooches, East Sussex on For Deep Cleaning and Deodrising

Cannot believe how well the shampoo performed....got the poodle clean in just one diluted mixing bottle at a dilution rate of 32 to 1, used a second bottle just to get a really squeaky clean result but even at two bottles that was awesome as my record card for the previous groom (6 months ago!!) was 4 lots of shampoo!! What also impressed was the eradication of odor..The shampoo really did dissolve dirt & the smell is amazing...when I went to rinse out the bath after it smelt so fresh too! (bonus!) Dogs dried very quickly as well.

Can't wait to try the others!!


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