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WILDWASH Dog Perfume with Ylang Ylang and Magnolia


  • A kind and natural spritz to help with pet odour.
  • It has a luscious sweet lemony scent, both fresh and floral.
  • Light and revitalising.
  • Perfect for use between washes to keep  the coat smelling and feeling good.
  • Formulated by one of the top ten natural perfumers in the world!

Key Ingredients – Ylang Ylang and Magnolia

Size: 200 ml

In stock

100% Natural Perfumes for Pets

  • WildWash is a new concept in animal care and gives you a range of natural pH balanced fragrances to keep your pet smelling fresh, clean and delicious all day long.
  • These scents are formulated entirely from plants and botanicals so can be used as frequently as liked.
  • Spray directly onto to a dry coat avoiding the eyes to impart a wonderful, long lasting fragrance.
  • For the pet owner or professional groomer the WildWash Fragrance Perfume adds the finishing touch to every dogs’ bath time.
  • Contains only totally natural botanical fragrances so can be used as often as wished.
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recd wildwash products this afternoon!
i immediately tried the paw balm on bella's nose! it was a hit - she dint mind it at all - thats saying a lot!
i got the ylang ylang magnolia fragrance - just off the bottle it was like "ummm maybe" but i cudnt resist spraying it a bit on her - ufffffff - the smell is next to divine decadence! and again bella took to it - she is relaxing with it!
Ok we finally had a bath with the wildwash shampoo for dark coats with mandarin, sweet orange and fennel.
i have never diluted a shampoo 1:32 - sounded a bit too much. but i decided to stick with the instructions and out came my weigh scales 🙂 did as directed.
when i applied the shampoo - the oh the smells and fragrances that burst out and hit you - its somewhere close to a miyake, tom ford and prada all rolled into one. i kid you not.
lathers well and you feel like massaging it making sure all the oils are getting absorbed. Bella never makes a fuss about her bathing time, but this time she was just letting go and giving in to the blast of her smelling senses i guess.
when we finished - the feel and shine of the coat was unbelievable. I some how felt she dried quicker than normal.
i cant explain the softness and smoothness - its like the feeling of pure silk and pashmina shawl.
she smells divine, she is shining like new silver ware!
its just fantastic!
highly recommended!

by Annika Gilseth of TwoBarks Norway on Perfume with Ylang Ylang and Magnolia

Just had to send you a note about the perfumes. They really shold be renamed Magic Sprays!

I have hairless dogs, and I just LOVE the perfume on them.

Not only do they smell lovely - but the perfume hydrates their skin - AND fragrance 3 even cleared up a patch of dry/discolored skin that moisturizers and oils have not quite been able to combat. My only regret now is that I did not take before pictures to show the difference!!

All the best, Annika


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