• WILDWASH Conditioner for Dogs

WildWash Dog Conditioner


  • It has emollient properties to hydrate the hair and skin.
  • Reduces loss of protein. Adds texture, body and sheen.
  • Preserves hairs' natural moisture, improves elasticity, prevents breakage.
  • Leaves the coat healthy and shiny. Promotes hair growth.
  • Helps to get rid of tangles in long coated dogs.
  • Has a long lasting beautiful scent.

Key Ingredients – Shea Butter, Coconut and Rose Oil

Size: 300 ml

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  • After shampooing with WildWash Shampoo, rinse thoroughly.
  • On a wet coat apply WildWash Conditioner generously and massage in gently.
  • Leave on for a couple of minutes to allow for absorption of the botanicals and essential oils and for the maximum hydration of skin and coat.
  • Rinse off completely with warm water.
  • Follow with WildWash Perfume.
  • WildWash products are 100% NATURAL! They contain No Parabens, No Phthlates, No Phosphates, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates and No PEGs.
  • We use 100% Pure Essential Oils – No Extracts, Infusions, Synthetic or Semi Synthetic Fragrances.
  • Our revolutionary blend of ingredients include Neem Oil, Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp which help nourish the coat, soothe and heal the skin.
  • We guarantee there is No Animal Testing on any of our products.
  • Our award winning natural products are used around the world on all breeds of dogs and cats every day and give incredible results.
  • Trusted by groomers, vets and pet parents worldwide, your pets will love you for it!
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 4 reviews
by Leena Ukil on Conditioner

After bathing with WILDWASH Shampoo and conditioner. Ruby and Alaska smell divine and their coat is so soft to touch. Thank you WILDWASH for such a fantastic natural product with no artificial additives. I think we are going to really like the long term effect to it 🙂

by Robert Stuhldreer – Award Winning Akita Owner on Conditioner

The condition of my Akita Flora's coat is really very important. Not only do I want her looking the very best she can but as.

*A top winning show dog
*Canine World Dog of the Year
*Britain's Next Dog Model
*Winner of SuperDogs Live
*An Ambassador for the Akita Association at high profile national events

I need her coat not just to look good but to look immaculate. The condition of her coat is vital at the moment as she is making a film with X-Men star Michael Fassbender and Harry Potter star Brendan Gleeson.

I have obviously tried several top products for her coat. On Sunday I purchased a Wildwash shampoo and conditioner at The Mayhew Animal Home's charity event. I used them on Flora for the first time today and the results were absolutely incredible. The look and feel of her coat are now amazing. The improvement really was instantaneous. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much WildWash.

by Julie Lee – Dog Owner on Conditioner

We had our first fox poo encounter on tonight’s walk, a very stinky puppy came home very happy with herself!
Now after a bath using WildWash shampoo and conditioner she smells lovely again! I’ve read horror stories on what people have used to get rid of the smell, and was a little concerned but should have known better. She smells good and I know it’s done her coat good too! Well done WildWash!

by Jessica Smith – Groomer at Hyde Park Pet Boutique on Conditioner

I have been grooming for almost 20 years and am highly impressed with the entire WildWash range.I recommend all their products to my clients, especially the conditioner and lightening shampoo. The conditioner lasts for ages and has helped me to de-matt dogs I would have previously thought were impossible to de-matt and the lightening shampoo does an amazing job at bringing out the dog's natural white coat as well as removing any staining.


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