All our products are made by hand using selected human grade ingredients to enhance the function of each particular product. The base for our shampoos is made from Soybean Oil with all its conditioning and anti-irritant benefits.

To this we have added Neem Extract for its anti inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Neem fights dandruff and calms skin problems, leaving a clean, shiny, lush coat, whilst being an efficient natural deterrent against fleas, mites, ticks and mange. It is also antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic so helps protect against free radicals and environmental carcinogens.

We have included Sea Kelp as it is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet and provides a huge array of vitamins and minerals. It contains the complete complex of B vitamins essential to promote health and encourage cell growth and division, which is important to new hair growth. It also contains Magnesium and Iodine and introduces Zinc directly to the hair follicle where proteins are made, to ensure the on-going formation of new hair.

Another part of our recipe is Aloe Vera, as it nourishes skin and promotes cell regeneration whilst softening, healing and repairing. It has anti-irritating and antiseptic qualities and soothes and calms distressed skin. To this amazing base shampoo we now add the actives, these are the natural ingredients which give each shampoo its distinctive formula and allow it to do its particular job to the fullest. Let us take as an example our Shampoo for Itchy or Dry Coats. This includes Lavender with its antiseptic and antifungal properties to calm and protect and speed up healing of scratched or damaged skin; Manuka Leaf to heal and promote natural cell renewal; Ylang Ylang to balance and soothe; Rose Geranium to regulate and stabilise; Patchouli to regenerate and Benzoin to boost elasticity and calm redness and itchiness. As you can imagine all these wonderful natural ingredients and essential oils generate an absolutely heavenly fragrance.

One element that is essential to all of our range and the key to the absolute quality of the end result is the methodology whereby each and every product is hand made in such a precise and sensitive manner to preserve the optimum condition of every natural ingredient.

We do not use Parfum in our products; nor do we use synthetically made essential oils or synthetic fragrances of any kind. We do not use ‘extracts’ or ‘infusions’.

We use only 100% Pure Essential Oils in our products at a concentration of 1.5%. At this high concentration the Pure Essential Oils do not only add a delicious aroma they add efficacy to the function of the particular shampoo in which they are contained. In other words, they help it to work. Driven by a beautiful aroma from Essential Oils, they are crafted in a way that perfumes were created a thousand years ago.

For example, Matricaria obtained from Chamomile in our Shampoo for Light Coloured Coats, naturally and gently lightens, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lemongrass deodorise in our Shampoo for Deep Cleaning and Deodorising and our Detangle contains Camellia Japonica Seed Oil to free matted hair.

Our amazing perfumer recognised as one of the top ten natural perfumers in the world has created the most complex and beautiful scents to compliment and enhance each particular shampoo and fragrance.

We have then ensured our formula is correctly pH balanced to suit your pets’ sensitive skin.


pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The lower the number, the more acid and the higher the number the more alkaline. Whilst human skin and hairs’ pH tends to range from 5.2 to 6.2, a dog’s pH can vary from 5.5 to 7.5, though tending toward the more alkaline figures. Therefore if a shampoo formulated for human skin, which is far more acid, is used on a dog, the dog’s acid mantle will be disrupted creating an environment where bacteria, parasites and viruses can run rampant. We have therefore set our pH balance on all our products between 5.5 and 7.5 to ensure they work in perfect harmony with your dog or cats’ pH requirements.


We are proud to say that WildWash is made entirely in England.
Having our shampoo made on home soil means that we have been able to oversee every step of the development of our products from concept to testing (on ourselves!) to final production, bottling and labelling. We ourselves all stirred our first batch of Conditioner and to look at that luscious creamy vat of fragrant smelling emulsion in its final stages, knowing the labour and love put into it, was truly inspiring. We have all got totally drenched in the wonderful process of creating our products and know them inside out.

We know first hand the care and time and love that have gone into creating WildWash products and cannot wait to share them with you.